Hackon 2.0- Best Voice hack

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

Wouldn’t it be nice, if ordering your favorite food is just a voice command away? What all impacts will it have on your life?

What was our objective in this Hackathon?

Our goal was to make an E-Commerce site where you can look for items simply by providing the voice order and the site will show you each and every accessible thing for your search. Moreover, you can hear each of the intricacies of the item, including the cost. Getting to appreciate all your shopping encounters without touching your phone, isn’t it cool?

What were the technologies we used to make it true?

We used React for our frontend which is a JavaScript library, Tailwind-CSS to style our website and AlanAI’s Voice API which made all this possible. You can find out more about Voice APIs in their documentation. 👉🏻 learn

How can this project be useful for visually challenged people?

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals, with our developing innovations we have tried to make their shopping experience more straight-forward and trouble-free. The vision of AI-voice shop is identical to making shopping painless and pleasurable for everybody. Now ordering your favorite food is just a voice-command away. Well, this is what technology should be about: “making people’s lives easier”.

About our experience of the Hackathon.

As the name righteously proposes, in ‘Hackathon’, we attempt to utilize tech to hack into the true issues to address them better. It’s a 24–72 hours project-making rivalry where each group needs to foster an idea, proposing a solution to the addressed problem. Group size can vary from 2–6 relying upon the association that is coordinating it.

During this multi-day Hackathon, I took in a ton of new things like Alan.ai, taliwind.css, and so forth, however the primary spur which I realized is collaboration. Being a part of the Hackathon, was an amazing experience. I made new companions; we took in a ton of new advancements together. During the formation of the task, we confronted many issues yet, we collectively addressed them and came up with the best possible solution together. It helped me broaden my perspective of looking at things. Making new companions and systems administration with individuals is the most amazing aspect of Hackathons.

Fighting against the clock, empathizing with people, teamwork and collaboration, all this made my experience truly wholesome.

Our Team

Ritesh Kumar (Linkedin) (Twitter) (Github)
Harshit Aditya (Linkedin) (Twitter) (Github)
Sourav Raj (Linkedin) (Twitter) (Github)
Rishabh Rathore (Linkedin) (Twitter) (Github)